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Roe vs. Wade
Character: Ellen Russell / Jane Doe
Directed by: Gregory Hoblit
Written by: Alison Cross
Produced by: Gregory Hoblit
Other cast: Amy Madigan
Release date: May 15, 1989
Genre: Biography, Drama
Running time: 1h 40min

Holly Hunter plays a lonely, single, poorly educated Texan who finds herself pregnant with no means to support a child. To avoid giving up the child, she seeks an abortion. Denied an abortion in Texas the young woman hires a novice lawyer to plead her case in the US supreme court. Eventually the law is changed, but for the character it takes longer than nine months. The abortion debate is still raging today in many countries.The abortion debate does not try to demoralize viewers, instead it looks at the issues such as who come first - the baby or the mother?