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June 24, 2018

It’s been 14 years since we first met the animated Parr family, suburban superheroes in hiding, trying to keep their powers under wraps in the first “Incredibles.” After picking up a 2004 Oscar and becoming one of the most beloved (and successful) movies in Pixar history, the franchise returns with “Incredibles 2,” featuring a voice cast of veterans — Holly Hunter (Helen/Elastigirl) and Craig T. Nelson (Bob/Mr. Incredible) — and newcomers to the Pixar universe, including Bob Odenkirk from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” as Winston Deavor, a telecom millionaire who wants to reinstate supers to their lawful place in society.

Hunter and Odenkirk each spoke by phone on the eve of the new movie’s release — which earned $180 million its opening weekend, setting an animated-film record.

Q: Brad Bird has said that when he wrote the first “Incredibles,” he already had a sequel in mind that would feature Elastigirl. Did you know that for the past 14 years too?
A: It’s so funny, because I think Brad mentioned that, but people may or may not know that we don’t work from a script. We didn’t with either movie. No storyboards either. It’s just Brad standing in a room telling you what’s going to happen. He’ll say, “OK, this is a big chase scene,” or “Now you’re piloting a plane.” So he had mentioned this role reversal, but it wasn’t until we’d been recording (“Incredibles 2”) for about six months that I went, “Brad! I have such a great part!”

Q: So you’re never in the room with the other voice actors?
A: This is a weird thing to say, but Craig T. Nelson and I met each other for the first time about eight months ago. We never even met during the release of the first movie.

Q: You’ve said in interviews that one of the downsides for a woman in Hollywood with a lengthy career like yours is that eventually you’re only offered mom parts. I’m guessing you didn’t feel that way about this one.
A: Well, I’ve actually played mothers from the absolute beginning. The first major role I ever got was someone wanting to be a mother and kidnapping a baby (in “Raising Arizona”). Having said that, it’s a revelation to see Elastigirl in this with a persona that has nothing at all to do with motherhood. We get to see her revel in leaving the domestic behind and implicitly trusting Mr. Incredible can handle it.

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June 24, 2018

In 2004, Holly Hunter punched her way into “The Incredibles,” the Pixar-Disney superhero film that grossed some $630 million worldwide and won an Oscar for best animated feature.

Fourteen years later, she’s back in “Incredibles 2,” now showing to rave reviews, and displaying no signs of wear and tear. As the ultra-bendy, wallop-packing Elastigirl — undercover identity: Helen Parr, wife of Bob and mother of Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack — Ms. Hunter acts and sounds as if all the previous super-excitement happened but a minute ago, in a scenario that picks up where the original film ended. Albeit revved up with an eye-popping costume, a midcentury-modern mansion and an enviably sleek motorcycle.

“Incredibles 2” gives Helen a feminist story line that boots her into the field to fight crime and relegitimize superheroes, while leaving her hubby (Craig T. Nelson) at home to tend to chores and kids. Including their infant’s nascent superpowers.

It also keeps Ms. Hunter — who broke through in 1987 with the Coen brothers’ “Raising Arizona” before winning a 1994 Oscar for “The Piano”; she was also nominated for “Broadcast News,” “The Firm” and “Thirteen” — in the spotlight, to the delight of fans. More recently, she has played the mother of an ailing grad student with a Pakistani-American romantic interest in “The Big Sick,” and a mother embarking on a great experiment with four children of different races, three of them adopted, in HBO’s now-canceled “Here and Now.”

In a phone interview from New York, the famously private Ms. Hunter spoke about Elastigirl’s latest incarnation, the state of her career and a milestone birthday while quipping about her family — “I shall neither confirm nor deny the existence of my children” — and even the neighborhood she lives in. “You can say that I’m moving to St. Marks Place between Second and Third,” she said. “I’m totally kidding but that would be kind of cool advertising. Wow, Hunter’s so hip!”

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June 24, 2018

Fourteen years after she first gave voice to the animated superhero Elastigirl, Holly Hunter is back at it with Incredibles 2. Hunter speaks with NPR’s Audie Cornish about how she approached the role a second time around.

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June 24, 2018

With this huge post I conclude the update on Holly to cover what has been missing during the closure. It’s a series of talk-show interviews and movie one, although I’m sure I’ll find more in the future, and their relative stills and screencaptures. Enjoy!

June 23, 2018

The gallery has been updated with more HQ photos of Holly’s events, this time it was SiriusXM on June 11, 2018. Take a look!