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- Posted on February 1, 2018 The 2018 march issue of Empire UK featured a snippet with Broadcast News, take a look! Magazines & Scans > 2018 > Empire – March 1

- Posted on January 2, 2018 The ‘Big Sick’ actress, who’ll be honored with the career achievement award at the Palm Springs Film Festival on Jan. 2, also reflects on her decades-spanning career and first big break in 1987’s ‘Raising Arizona.’ From Raising Arizona to her Oscar-winning turn in The Piano to the animated film The Incredibles to her latest, the (...)

- Posted on December 11, 2017 Thanks to my friend Luciana for the heads up, we’ve added to the gallery HQ scans and shots from The Wrap. Take a look! Magazines & Scans > 2017 > The Wrap – December 6 Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Session #008

- Posted on December 1, 2017 Thanks to my friend Luciana, we’ve got HQ scans from Deadline Awardsline article interview with some actors portraying award-worthy roles. One of these is our dear Holly in The Big Sick. Magazines & Scans > 2017 > Deadline Awardsline – November 29

- Posted on November 30, 2017 Finally I found a copy of Connect Savannah Magazine and could get HQ scans for the site. Take a look! Magazines & Scans > 2017 > Connect Savannah – October 25/31

- Posted on October 8, 2017 I found an old backup of my site and could fill a lot of missing files, switching most of the events with HQs, and adding new shoots and magazine scans. Take a look! Holly Hunter Fan > Magazines & Scans Holly Hunter Fan > Photoshoots & Portraits

- Posted on September 20, 2017 I went working in the backlog and filled the video archive with tons of videos. We have now over 40 videos from interviews, trailers, talk-shows; a lot more will be added but for now this is a good start!