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July 17, 2018

The ‘Incredibles 2′ actress talks to The Independent about equal pay and playing an ’emotionally satisfying’ leading superhero.

Holly Hunter has had an incredible career.

Starting out on stage, the actress rose to international fame thanks to the back-to-back successes of the Coen Brothers’ Raising Arizona and an Oscar-nominated role in Broadcast News, both released in 1987. From there, things only skyrocketed, with Hunter winning an Oscar for Best Actress in The Piano  (1993) and being nominated another two times, the last being for the independent drama Thirteen (2003). But then, something happened – Hunter turned 45.

“Once you hit the age of 45, the drop-off is tremendous,” she says. “What I’ve encountered with my career is not unusual. Careers are filled with major ebbs and major lows. There are few exceptions, with Meryl Streep being one. It’s also part of the equation for an actor that you just continue to work over the decades. I’ve been throwing my hat into the ring for decades. I’ve just continued to want to be doing what I’m doing.”

And while Hunter kept working, the pickings were certainly slimmer from the early 2000s onwards. Projects, such as the Robbie Williams’ co-starring The Big White (2005)the star-studded drama Won’t Back Down (2012), and the Diablo Cody-directed Paradise (2013), were all met with critical disdain.

There were, of course, a few saving graces. Literally. The TV show Saving Grace brought Hunter huge attention once more, running for three consecutive seasons between 2007 and 2010, with the actor receiving top billing and also acting as the executive producer. Then, there was last year’s bounce-back performance in The Big Sick (2017), earning her multiple Supporting Actress nominations. And now, at 60 years old, Hunter fronts this summer’s biggest animated movie: Incredibles 2.

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