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June 24, 2018

It’s been 14 years since we first met the animated Parr family, suburban superheroes in hiding, trying to keep their powers under wraps in the first “Incredibles.” After picking up a 2004 Oscar and becoming one of the most beloved (and successful) movies in Pixar history, the franchise returns with “Incredibles 2,” featuring a voice cast of veterans — Holly Hunter (Helen/Elastigirl) and Craig T. Nelson (Bob/Mr. Incredible) — and newcomers to the Pixar universe, including Bob Odenkirk from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” as Winston Deavor, a telecom millionaire who wants to reinstate supers to their lawful place in society.

Hunter and Odenkirk each spoke by phone on the eve of the new movie’s release — which earned $180 million its opening weekend, setting an animated-film record.

Q: Brad Bird has said that when he wrote the first “Incredibles,” he already had a sequel in mind that would feature Elastigirl. Did you know that for the past 14 years too?
A: It’s so funny, because I think Brad mentioned that, but people may or may not know that we don’t work from a script. We didn’t with either movie. No storyboards either. It’s just Brad standing in a room telling you what’s going to happen. He’ll say, “OK, this is a big chase scene,” or “Now you’re piloting a plane.” So he had mentioned this role reversal, but it wasn’t until we’d been recording (“Incredibles 2”) for about six months that I went, “Brad! I have such a great part!”

Q: So you’re never in the room with the other voice actors?
A: This is a weird thing to say, but Craig T. Nelson and I met each other for the first time about eight months ago. We never even met during the release of the first movie.

Q: You’ve said in interviews that one of the downsides for a woman in Hollywood with a lengthy career like yours is that eventually you’re only offered mom parts. I’m guessing you didn’t feel that way about this one.
A: Well, I’ve actually played mothers from the absolute beginning. The first major role I ever got was someone wanting to be a mother and kidnapping a baby (in “Raising Arizona”). Having said that, it’s a revelation to see Elastigirl in this with a persona that has nothing at all to do with motherhood. We get to see her revel in leaving the domestic behind and implicitly trusting Mr. Incredible can handle it.

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