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July 13, 15

Yesterday EW released the portraits for Day 3 of Comic-Con among which there’s an outtake of Batman v Superman. Enjoy in gallery!

July 12, 15

Have a first look at Holly during yesterday’spanel at Comic-Con.

July 11, 15

As Holly is taking part to the Comic-Con Panel of Batman v Superman, the trailer was released. Hopefully we’ll soon have images from the event (and the movie) but meantime enjoy the video:

June 30, 15

Academy Award winner Holly Hunter has been enrapturing movie fans since the one-two punch of “Raising Arizona” and “Broadcast News” in 1987, and she’s rarely stopped working since. Now she’s appearing opposite Al Pacino in “Manglehorn,” in theaters June 19.

Tell us about “Manglehorn.”
We shot it in Austin, Texas, and it’s directed beautifully by David Gordon Green, who I’ve been a fan of for years because his movies have such a confident, original tone to them. Al Pacino plays a man who is trying to change something fundamental in who he is, reaching out of his own loneliness to make a connection outside of himself. And I play a bank teller he is reaching out toward in that quest.

How do you typically prepare for an audition?
I don’t offer advice to actors only because I’ve seen actors become successful through ways that would never even occur to me or that wouldn’t work for me. But this has worked for me: Never memorizing a scene. I liked to carry the script into an audition, because for me, it reminded people that this was not the final performance. I’m still a work in progress. That works for my own psyche. This is what I can do, but that ain’t all! And I tended to have my agent put in a pre-emptive call before I would show up and say, “Holly would really love to come in prepared to read.” So I would enter the room uninterrupted and go into the reading. And then after that I could stick around and chat and meet people. But the first thing I like to do is read. And that was consistent with me. I never wanted to come in and chat first.

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