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March 11, 16

Take a look at a small clip from Batman VS Superman with Holly!

March 7, 16

Holly Hunter convincingly played a hard-driving TV producer in the 1987 movie “Broadcast News” — “convincingly” being just about the only way Holly Hunter knows how to play a role. Jane Pauley has our Sunday Profile:

Holly Hunter is only 5-foot-2, but on screen she packs a powerful punch, whether playing a scene-stealing secretary or a detective battling inner demons.

“Even very ordinary people, upon closer examination, can often look extraordinary,” Hunter said. “And I’ve played a lot of everyday kind of people who normally might not have a lens trained on them.”

Hunter digs deep into her characters. Consider “The Piano,” which won her an Oscar in the role of a 19th century woman who is mute.

“There were no words in ‘The Piano,’ but there was a lot of communication with your hands,” said Pauley. “And you made up that language?”

“I hired somebody who was a sign language interpreter. And then we kind of created one that would look good with my hands, and something that I felt comfortable with that would be creative.”

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February 29, 16

Thanks to my good friend Stef, I added to the gallery HQ Scans from the MORE magazine issue of July 2009 which featured Holly on the cover. Take a look!

February 18, 16

Take a look in the gallery for images of Holly during yesterday’s event of Opening Night for Buried Child. Enjoy!