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- Posted on September 22, 2017 And with this set I conclude the Saving Grace coverage and have uploaded all the series screencaptures. Enjoy! Television Series > Saving Grace > Season 3 – Screencaps

- Posted on September 20, 2017 I went working in the backlog and filled the video archive with tons of videos. We have now over 40 videos from interviews, trailers, talk-shows; a lot more will be added but for now this is a good start!

- Posted on September 10, 2017 And we proceed with screencaptures from second season of Saving Grace, which became more dramatic but also more funny from the first. A very good balance! Enjoy. Television Series > Saving Grace > Season 2 – Screencaps

- Posted on September 5, 2017 I started adding projects to the gallery and the first one coming is Saving Grace Season 1 screencaptures. Oklahoma City Police Detective Grace Hanadarko has an angel on her shoulder – and boy, is she peeved about it. Since making it through devastating tragedy in her life, Grace lives (...)