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January 8, 17

The inspiration for Andrew Wagner’s third feature film, “Breakable You” began with a “constellation of dynamic experiences” that included a personal career struggle, the birth of his daughter and his father’s death in 2010.

The movie is based on a novel by Brian Morton of the same name about the great imperfection of life. Wagner said he identified with all the struggling characters in the book. And when his father died in his arms, with such ease and grace despite not being a graceful man, it made him realize he had been unable to do what his father achieved on his death bed.

“The last few chapters of his life had been characterized by immense struggle and disappointment. And yet he let go of every last unfinished thread of his difficult 80 years as if a feather. But I confess I have none of the grace about unhappy endings that my father found in his last moments. I have too much to do, I’m too deeply immersed in reversing the drama of stubborn dissatisfaction with all that I hope to achieve,” Wagner said.

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