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September 14, 16

Holly Hunter and Carrie Coon star in Katherine Dieckmann’s drama about a Southern woman who enlists her friend to help find answers about her son’s suicide.
Like Thelma & Louise, Strange Weather revolves around two Southern women, the open road and a surreptitiously packed handgun. But the similarities end there.

Ridley Scott’s seminal work was electric and provocative, a vision of female friendship and freedom that thrilled and unsettled. Writer-director Katherine Dieckmann’s film, premiering in Toronto and starring Holly Hunter and Carrie Coon (Gone Girl, HBO’s The Leftovers) as best friends, is a sincere, somewhat clunky drama, delivering lots of Americana-infused atmosphere but little excitement or novelty.

The comparison may be unfair, but it’s such a rare pleasure to see two top-notch actresses have the screen to themselves, playing smart, strong women, that we feel robbed when the movie doesn’t do them justice. Where Strange Weather errs (and where Thelma & Louise did not) is in detracting from that pleasure by half-burying the main characters under unwieldy chunks of plot.

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