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June 13, 15

Welcome to Holly Hunter Fan your resource for everything this wonderful and talented actress. I first fell in love with Holly from the movie The Piano (which happens to be also my favourite and have my favourite song from it “The Sacrifice”) but went on and on loving her more for her great acting skills and the variety of roles she did.

The gallery is far from being complete but opens already with over 2,000 files on it. I’ll be working more and more to bring it to perfection.

I want to take a moment to thank a few people who supported and helped me: first our host, Fansite Network, of course for hosting us. Then I want to thank Luciana and Eli for their help and support with pictures and my friends Stef and Ann for being that good conscience voices and enable me to this project which means a lot to me and to my passionate heart. Thanks girls, you make my fansite world a wonderful craziness to live with you!

Have a look around and enjoy your stay!

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Looking good! So glad to see it officially open!

June 27, 15 • 11:44 pm
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