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Holly Hunter’s career is so vast and sprawling that chances are even her biggest fans have turned a blind eye to one or two of her greatest roles. Love “The Piano” and “Raising Arizona” but have never seen an episode of “Saving Grace”? Did you forget she did voice work in “The Incredibles”? Don’t worry, with Holly Hunter, these things happen to the best of us.

Luckily, the award-winning actress recently had an hour to speak at theHamptons International Film Festival, wherein she handily reminded us of all the (many) highlights of her career. She was at the festival promoting her latest turn in “Strange Weather,” the newest Katherine Diekmann-directed indie that deals with the struggle of profound loss in a trying time, a theme especially prevalent throughout the films at HIFF.

Here are four takeaways from Hunter’s talk.

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Second day for Holly at Hamptons Film Festival. Take a look to few HQ photos I added to the gallery!

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The gallery was updated with HQ photos of Holly at Hamptons International Film Festival, take a look at them!

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Have a first look at Strange Weather with the new poster.

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“The revenge is kind of the engine that this character harnesses her grief to,” Hunter tells TheWrap

Holly Hunter plays a mother overcome by the loss of her grown son in “Strange Weather,” and though she’s never lost a child herself, the Oscar-winning actress says grief is universal.

“I talked to people who have experienced it, I know people who have experienced it. There are probably a great amount of us who have come into contact … with that particular kind of loss,” Hunter told TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly about preparing for the role.

“I felt more that this was a story of grief and how to deal with it, which is something that everyone experiences,” she continued.